UFC 264 Review Show | Poirier v McGregor 3 | Fight Week with Michael Bisping


  1. Mohammed Younus

    Mohammed Younus

    3 days ago

    Just out of the socket 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Ryan


    5 days ago

    Go and watch the replay on the BT Sport YT channel on mute and with it on 0.5 speed to see which shots land do not. Surprisingly nearly all of Conor's "1-2's" miss the target which is not what we are used to seeing. BIsping has long been a disliker of Conor since he has said of Michael negative things that were true at the time. They have the same manager but that hadn't stopped McGregor of speaking his mind when asked. Hardly any of Poiriers elbows landed clean and flush on the mat. Having said that Mcgregor's speciality is putting opponents to sleep and he demonstrated in this fight and others that he is very little threat when on his back and has minimal chances of sleeping someone when his back is parallel to the mat or even attempting submissions. Not a 10-8 round though AT ALL.

  3. JC


    7 days ago

    F Conor but there was no way that was a 10 -8 round.

  4. Mr Wilson

    Mr Wilson

    8 days ago

    Looks like Dustin is gonna take a pass on Charles giving Justin the shot...

  5. Uva Mona channel ❤️

    Uva Mona channel ❤️

    9 days ago


  6. Mohana


    9 days ago


  7. Rachel Britto

    Rachel Britto

    9 days ago

    Mind blowing

  8. justin sane

    justin sane

    10 days ago

    Modern day Leonard garcia…

  9. Dana Bright

    Dana Bright

    10 days ago

    Bisping thinks Dariush is a good match up for Conor...Bisping CTE

  10. JustDavid


    11 days ago

    Canelo Alvarez’s net worth is higher than McGregor’s . How is he able to maintain his edge? It’s not money that’s the problem. All elite star athletes have it. It’s about the attitude towards money ..

  11. Ajaz Khan

    Ajaz Khan

    11 days ago

    I hate Conor but I wanted him to win for the greater good of MMA and the UFC but when he started talking about Dustin's wife my opinion changed. There's no doubt he's good for MMA but he's also not good for MMA.

  12. simp 4simps

    simp 4simps

    11 days ago

    Masvidal is just another clout toxic machine he has no business in the octagon with usman burns edwards and Colby

  13. Slug Paste

    Slug Paste

    11 days ago

    This fight was very eye opening. Let us all know how toxic and disgusting Connor fans are.

  14. Wayne Taylor-vicary

    Wayne Taylor-vicary

    11 days ago

    I think Conor should fight at featherweight not lightweight as I dont think he is big or strong enough.

  15. Toni Blackstone

    Toni Blackstone

    11 days ago

    Great audio…

  16. CRASS2047


    11 days ago

    I think for Conor to have any chance of getting a title shot again, he would have to join a top level team. Like AKA or ATT or even Tristar. But it’s obvious his current training regimen is not working. It may work for gatekeepers like Cowboy, but not for top 5, top 3 guys. Obviously as a fan, I want to see him achieve something great again. But with that much money and ego, I doubt it will happen.

  17. Ritchie Elgar

    Ritchie Elgar

    11 days ago

    Conor needs to prove he deserves a 4th fight he 100 thousand percent needs to fight someone else first or it’s a joke and everybody will backlash at the ufc

  18. Scotty Haze

    Scotty Haze

    11 days ago

    Bisping sounds like Tyson Fury lol

  19. Mike Heller

    Mike Heller

    11 days ago

    Right like nobody here has ever said anything about somebody else's woman or wife give me a break guys if it was Joe schmo doing it nobody would care Conor McGregor does it and it's the worst thing in the world must be a bunch of libs in here

  20. Geervan Ramasawmy

    Geervan Ramasawmy

    11 days ago

    "Conor is a completely different man"..Yeah and so is Dustin..He's a different beast now and Connor just couldn't handle him..Yet all people keep talking about is how Conor this, Conor that...Dustin is still not getting the respect he deserves...Had Dustin lost, he would've just disappeared from the limelight and the media outlet would've quickly dismissed him....Even in utter defeat, Conor still steals the spotlight....

  21. 123prestolee


    11 days ago

    Filmed from a cupboard in Adam’s house……………

  22. TheGeovanibetin


    11 days ago

    Connor's peak is over.. the trilogy was done and Connor lost.

  23. biju painkal

    biju painkal

    11 days ago

    Love how every1 is just assuming Dustin wins against charles

  24. biju painkal

    biju painkal

    11 days ago

    Nick peets still hanging on to Mcgregor for dear life...

  25. LaCosa24 X

    LaCosa24 X

    11 days ago

    Conor got mad when Dustin walked by him and taunted him which made him say that I don’t think he would of said that if Dustin did that but whatever.

  26. KrusssH


    12 days ago

    Topuria is legit

  27. SF


    12 days ago

    When Conor comes back it will be Diaz to complete the trilogy. Plus (like Cowboy) Diaz is past his best.

  28. Kyle Bruzer

    Kyle Bruzer

    12 days ago

    I’m glad he roasted Ryan Hall too. I like him but that was a weird display.

  29. The_Dunks


    12 days ago

    Gonna be totally honest. The fact that people on your show actually thought McGregor would win is so wild to me.

  30. Nik D'Agostino

    Nik D'Agostino

    12 days ago

    That one microphone is so scratchy.

  31. Claudio Martella

    Claudio Martella

    12 days ago

    Not a Conor fan, but saying he was about to get finished is not true. He has barely a scratch on his ear. He dodged basically all/most ground and pound. He was probably gonna lose it, I’m not denying that, but the rhetoric that he was closed to get stopped it’s just not funny.

  32. Kyle Bruzer

    Kyle Bruzer

    12 days ago

    The press conference between Mcgregor and Tony Ferguson would be unreal!😂

  33. Lee Timo

    Lee Timo

    12 days ago

    Chael was a great lawyer in another life 🤣

  34. TheRussianLondoner


    12 days ago

    Conor had lost his mind and his legs

  35. lastninjaitachi


    12 days ago

    Dustin would have boxed the s*** out of him. Dustin is a better all around striker. Conor gets lucky shots.

  36. Raymond Sanchez

    Raymond Sanchez

    12 days ago

    I would like to see Conor McGregor versus Tony Ferguson or how about a Conor McGregor versus Justin Gauche

  37. Raymond Sanchez

    Raymond Sanchez

    12 days ago

    I would like to see Conor McGregor versus Tony Ferguson or how about a Conor McGregor versus Justin Gauche

  38. Federico Armando

    Federico Armando

    12 days ago

    Poirier showcasing better mental control than Khabib

  39. Lee Hall

    Lee Hall

    12 days ago

    Wasn't a 10-8 round at all. 10-9 for sure. Also get this Nick Peet guy off and True Geordie on.

  40. Jonathan Jacob

    Jonathan Jacob

    12 days ago

    Conor should have retired like he said before the the Khabib fight.

  41. Shawn Holcomb

    Shawn Holcomb

    12 days ago

    What about Dustin using his toes in the fence to get out of the guillotine?? he wouldn't have gotten out without that

  42. Ondray Knight

    Ondray Knight

    12 days ago

    🧐🧐🤔How is Michael Chandler rank no.4 ? Am I bugging 🤦🏾‍♂️ His Ufc record today is, Won one & lost one🤷🏿‍♂️

  43. Inspectah deck

    Inspectah deck

    12 days ago

    Conor has too many yes men.

  44. L M Mayo

    L M Mayo

    12 days ago

    This is the best ufc podcast, the best.

  45. Jshredz


    12 days ago

    Dos anjos, Islam,Dustin,Justin,Masvidal,Diaz idk every future fight that makes sense I see them breaking his will.

  46. Dave Mieze

    Dave Mieze

    12 days ago

    Conor “shoulda coulda woulda” Mcgregor

  47. Bat Man

    Bat Man

    12 days ago

    Conor should just change the narrative that he WAS the GOAT in 2016 but got distracted and now he's trying to get his GOAT status back and emphisize he doesn't have to fight anymore so its courageous and a win in a way every time he does. That takes the pressure off of him now but also stays on the McGregor brand of being the best even if he keeps losing. Seems much better a strategy than continuing to make excuses for every loss.

  48. MattWildCamps


    12 days ago

    I can't wait to see Conor lose again

  49. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    12 days ago

    bisping is the one eyed sage we all need in the mma world.

  50. James Shapiro

    James Shapiro

    12 days ago


  51. Nvm M

    Nvm M

    12 days ago

    The audio sounds like a phone call….. zero reason for this

  52. Säblingers Discoplanet_MixedMartialDarts

    Säblingers Discoplanet_MixedMartialDarts

    12 days ago

    How the f is he still in the top 10 lw rankings?

  53. Charlie Zelenoff official

    Charlie Zelenoff official

    12 days ago

    Petition to get Charlie Zelenoff in the UFC'S

  54. Adam Ruark

    Adam Ruark

    12 days ago

    Conor didn't ask Dustin's wife to DM him, id be happy that someone was letting me know my wife was being skeezy.

  55. Carlos O

    Carlos O

    12 days ago

    Mcgregor brought in all the mma casuals to the UFC

  56. doubledable


    12 days ago

    Big ground and pound🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. Ken Stanaford

    Ken Stanaford

    12 days ago

    No conclusion?? Let me help. DUSTIN 2-! OVER CONOR. TRILOGY complete.

  58. Opium Eater

    Opium Eater

    12 days ago

    BT sports recent Mcg assessment has been on point honest to the max.....but why the lads are spouting Burns vs Edwards (next UK 🇬🇧 UFC champ) & not Masvidal 🇺🇸 🆚 Edwards 🇬🇧 I don't know (V disappointing)

  59. Antoine O Fionnagain

    Antoine O Fionnagain

    12 days ago

    A wee bit of delusion here, with all respect. Whether a fighter has 2 million or 100 million in the bank, they're in a comfortable place. Poirier et al are wealthy fighters also, but have deeper reserves in them. Khabib, Dustin, Fergusan, fought for something beyond ego, and McGregor's primary motivation was always self promotion and personal enrichment. The fact is, outside of a few stunning wins against smaller opponents who were over the hill, or had inferior attributes, McGregor was found out by the elite fighters, and deep down he knows it, thus his desperate attempts to distract them through insults.

  60. Rob Moreno

    Rob Moreno

    12 days ago

    Everybody:Money made him soft Floyd:Hold my bear

  61. bob dylan

    bob dylan

    12 days ago

    Mcgregor is fooked. Should retire mma and box the paul brothers.

  62. G B

    G B

    12 days ago

    Narrative..? Hmm. Since when has Conor come on strong after taking a beating early on? This isn't Mendes, or even a fat Diaz. It's a prime Poirier. It was a one-sided fight that only goes one way. Conor is flogging a dead horse that is his mma career. Outside of one punch blowouts, he simply isn't elite anymore. And all the other noise just proves what / who Conor really is. Don't buy it.

  63. l4mb01


    12 days ago

    Why has the presenter got a poster behind him of a fight that never happened....lol

  64. Ali


    12 days ago

    Conor got 30 million after his fight with cerrone, check Forbes info . Thats probly means in his contract he is getting around 20-30 million after ppv points , thats alot money no wonder he is promoting his fights like crazy. He got this contracts from dana by retiring multiple times. He knows he is done, he made career mistake by fighting dustin instead Diego sanchez. Lol

    • Bone Thug

      Bone Thug

      12 days ago


  65. ForbesYT


    12 days ago

    Get Geordie on

  66. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler

    12 days ago

    Thanks guys. A no bs summary.

  67. MrFrostedtips


    12 days ago

    The host's cheesy attempts at banter are unwelcome...

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    Hot Girls Video XXX

    12 days ago

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  69. Nate Taite

    Nate Taite

    12 days ago

    I'm thinking Conors leg was compromised when he was on the ground. He usually prioritizes getting up. Unless he was afraid of Dustin's standup cause he didn't recover from Dustin's straight he clinched after.

  70. Edward Elric

    Edward Elric

    12 days ago

    Wait didn't bisping in his interview with ariel and Darren till say he didn't fill like conor was forcing his trash talk, and that he belive he look like old conor?!!!?!?!? Bisping said"i thought conor did a great job, I did see mcgregor faking trash talk. " " I thought conor look really confident ". I swear to god.....

    • Random Fighter

      Random Fighter

      11 days ago

      He changes his stance on things pretty much sometimes

  71. Christopher Laboy

    Christopher Laboy

    12 days ago

    If Conor wants an all out Bang Session then he needs to move on and run it back with Nate Diaz for round 3.

  72. sliced brownies

    sliced brownies

    13 days ago

    That’s ridiculous if Conor gets a rematch that’s a title fight. It’s so disrespectful to these other killer in the division. And everyone of them should be upset if that happens.

  73. Pantheon Rockstar

    Pantheon Rockstar

    13 days ago

    If conor gets a title shot after that performance i might be done watching UFC, the belts don’t mean a thing - its all about the money if thats the case.

  74. sean w

    sean w

    13 days ago

    Wow, tons of toxic haters in the comment section. I'm here for the comeback Conor, but entirely agree with Bisbing. Man's got to get hungry again and lose the Khabib venomous BS

  75. Bob Bibeedoo

    Bob Bibeedoo

    13 days ago

    Get better soon Conor! Don’t listen to these jealous haters!

  76. Michael Gaga

    Michael Gaga

    13 days ago

    My throat hurts listening to Bisping

  77. Yasin Jamal

    Yasin Jamal

    13 days ago

    Connor can never be someone like Bisping, a real figher, Bisping many a times came back from behind and won the fights fighting, connor once lags can never come back in a fight

  78. Camilo Bautista

    Camilo Bautista

    13 days ago

    I am so down to see El Cucuy vs Mcnugget ! Make it happen ASAP

  79. George Hale

    George Hale

    13 days ago

    We’ve finally come to the point where analysts look at every thing from a “storyline” point of view. Every opinion they have is based on some storyline point of view of what happened.

  80. Brian Swarbrigg

    Brian Swarbrigg

    13 days ago

    He doesn’t go to the ground if his leg doesn’t break , how can ya say he was being teed off on and was gonna be stopped and it doesn’t matter his leg was broke. 😂😂 it kinda matters , he doesn’t get any of those if he doesn’t break leg ffs 😂🤦‍♂️ridiculous analysis No way that’s was a 10-8 either , it’s softest 10-8 I’ve ever seen

  81. Jack Carter

    Jack Carter

    13 days ago

    Conor's career has been over for 5 years now. Move on.

  82. Whatt 1987

    Whatt 1987

    13 days ago

    McGregor fighting like he's talking all Force no finesse where's the flowy McGregor that's patient and let the fight come to him encounter it

  83. dr


    13 days ago

    RIP McChicken

  84. Danny Jay

    Danny Jay

    13 days ago

    Why does conor deserve a rematch he should have to work his way up conor has 1 win in how long?

  85. Dhillon


    13 days ago

    Can someone name some top 15/ top 10 fighters at 155lbs so I can get an idea for who Conor can scrap next

  86. Kustom Air

    Kustom Air

    13 days ago

    I don't even like the little Irishman..but that was not a 10-8 round. He landed on the stand up and he took the fight to the ground with the guillotine attempt. Then he landed up kicks after getting ground and pounded. 10-9 Poirier.

  87. Mitch Reeves

    Mitch Reeves

    13 days ago

    11:28 Bisping nailed it

  88. gulzar hussain

    gulzar hussain

    13 days ago

    mystic mac! lol khabib predicted he wud humble conor, thtas what u got in the cerone & poirier 2 fight, this time conor tried to be that guy again but failed badly, that floyd money changed conor in front of our eyes

  89. Bob Badger

    Bob Badger

    13 days ago

    The ground and pound didn’t land hardly and he was on the floor because his leg was broke . I think he’s losing anyway but the first round wasn’t as one sided as there making out . “ a lot of damage “ no there wasn’t 🤷‍♂️

  90. William William

    William William

    13 days ago

    If only dusty had a personality

  91. Big Boss

    Big Boss

    13 days ago

    that wasnt a 10-8

  92. Terry smiles

    Terry smiles

    13 days ago

    When kahbib comes back Dustin can just forget that Belt! Because he will not have a prayer against Kahbib!

  93. Hamza Bhatti

    Hamza Bhatti

    13 days ago

    Wheres the ufc 264 highlights ffs , waiting so long

  94. Sam Morris

    Sam Morris

    13 days ago

    God bless him bisping 🍺

  95. Donovan McCormick

    Donovan McCormick

    13 days ago

    Conor’s career has become the plot to Major League 2. Where Wild Thing has to go back to his roots and remember it wasn’t the suit that made him good at what he did 😆

  96. Kirion


    13 days ago

    Conor should go to Thailand and train his legs to banana trees.

  97. Nicholas Wood

    Nicholas Wood

    13 days ago

    Bisping legend

  98. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee

    13 days ago

    I agree that Conor was acting the way he was to get himself in-fight-mode, but lots of the stuff he said was distasteful, unnecessary and unsporting. He crossed the line with this verbal lashing towards Dustin's family. Shame..! as previously I liked the way he utilised humour, played the game, giving back-chat to get under his opponents skin. Speedy healing though Conor, horrible injury.

  99. Jarrovian-97


    13 days ago

    “Lick there lips and swim oceans” nick peet ladies and gentlemen😶

  100. Inkle Doodle

    Inkle Doodle

    13 days ago

    I’m a Dustin fan but it is so interesting how there is a lack of objectiveness here. Supporting the 10-8 from skilled analysts seems wilfully ignorant- without the leg break there is no final flurry on the floor from Dustin- it would still have been stood. Rewatch the fight and stop the playback at the point of the leg break. It would fairly clearly be a 10-9.