UFC 264 Full Press Conference: Conor McGregor kicks out at Dustin Poirier!


  1. Liimo-Drake3-6-9


    15 hours ago

    I love Connor Mcgregor

  2. Asif Equbal

    Asif Equbal

    21 hour ago

    i keep coming back for pink suit guy :D 17:00

  3. eca 84

    eca 84

    Day ago

    Comments here compared to old Conor press conferences. Bunch of fake fans 😂

  4. Kannibaleinzivil


    Day ago

    how mutch drugs Conor take on this day

  5. Tommy Gunn 1

    Tommy Gunn 1

    Day ago

    Watch this and then immediately watch the fight ....it’s hilarious 😆

  6. Chip Wallace

    Chip Wallace

    2 days ago

    Not McGregor fast McGregor sleep😂😂👍

  7. Assad Shewa Bakhtiar

    Assad Shewa Bakhtiar

    2 days ago

    I'm glad and tremendously pleased that this clowns (Conor M) careers is over-

  8. ً


    2 days ago

    Money took Conor's soul, he ain't the same anymore

  9. Megan Kenworthy

    Megan Kenworthy

    2 days ago

    Dana white is a douche..just like vince McMahon

  10. jezebel killa

    jezebel killa

    2 days ago

    Got to admit, 'your wife is your husband' was hilarious LOL

  11. Cap 2 Squad

    Cap 2 Squad

    2 days ago

    “Not McGregor, McGregor Sleep” That lowkey killed Conors spirit, dude was speechless😂

    • Jay Woodcock

      Jay Woodcock

      5 hours ago

      “Not mcgregor fast, mcgregor sleep”

  12. Carlton Jumel Smith

    Carlton Jumel Smith

    3 days ago

    "...I know who I am...it's easy to be me..." - BEAUTIFUL STATEMENT

  13. Albertito Zamzam

    Albertito Zamzam

    3 days ago

    Músic entrance?

  14. Imtius Ahmed Tuhin

    Imtius Ahmed Tuhin

    3 days ago

    I love this mcgregor character 🔥

  15. Issjeejjwwj Sosksksksks

    Issjeejjwwj Sosksksksks

    4 days ago

    Connor is trying to be Jake Paul bc jake is trying to be the old Connor

  16. asd dsa

    asd dsa

    4 days ago

    Conor was crying in there this is not good

  17. Giuppi30


    4 days ago

    Song 0:05?

  18. iyadart


    4 days ago

    14:20 The funniest moment of the entire conference, straightforward, simple, and true!

  19. Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan

    5 days ago

    I find Conor distasteful. Poirier has dignity. If that had been me after Conor‘s kick I would have stood in front of the audience as Conor walked away and start making chicken 🐔 noises.

  20. Selven Caramben

    Selven Caramben

    5 days ago

    Dustin is better than khabib and far better than conor.

  21. MshannonB93


    6 days ago

    Pink suit for the win !!!

  22. 26 Wessex

    26 Wessex

    6 days ago

    Mc Gregor is a parody of himself.

  23. joe ruggiero

    joe ruggiero

    6 days ago

    Dustin Poirier look like Tommy Vercetti

  24. Özkan Yıldız

    Özkan Yıldız

    7 days ago

    The Diamond ❤💎👑

  25. Siddharth Avlash

    Siddharth Avlash

    7 days ago

    Mcstretcher called Dustin frail lol.

  26. Billy Jackbitch

    Billy Jackbitch

    7 days ago

    What a tool this guy is? An absolute illiterate fool.

  27. B E

    B E

    7 days ago

    Old mcnuggets, only thing left now is the mouth.

  28. MUJAHIDEEN💐‎☝️


    7 days ago

    Conor was the one on stretcher

  29. Who r u

    Who r u

    7 days ago

    @10:37 is that the guy who wanted a job from dana ages ago?

  30. abdelilah rami

    abdelilah rami

    7 days ago

    What a stupid questions

  31. cicstommy


    8 days ago

    McGregor has become a complete and utter embarrassment to himself, his sport, his family and his entire country.

  32. E Z

    E Z

    8 days ago

    I must admit, Conor does provide a lot of entertainment. He is a gifted showman.

  33. vijay kumar

    vijay kumar

    8 days ago

    6:27 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Mohammed Fuzail

    Mohammed Fuzail

    8 days ago

    the crowd is always trash arnd conor

  35. Michael Stupp

    Michael Stupp

    8 days ago

    loooking at this after the fight is just beautiful. What a joke Connor has become.

  36. Peaky Blinder

    Peaky Blinder

    8 days ago

    Conor : He will go out in a stretcher Conor : goes out in a stretcher

  37. Abdu Rahmanfaisal

    Abdu Rahmanfaisal

    9 days ago

    Who thought that same leg will end his career

  38. ER


    9 days ago

    24:36 He going out in a stretcher Karma

  39. Rubi M.

    Rubi M.

    9 days ago

    Dustin over there making those mouth movements like he had a little booger sugar lol..

  40. Lee harry enty

    Lee harry enty

    9 days ago

    Connor the current loser that keeps coming back to lose

  41. Special Boat Service-Malaysian Infantryman

    Special Boat Service-Malaysian Infantryman

    10 days ago

    Conor Mcgregor! heal fast and win the title on May 2022!

  42. Min Ta

    Min Ta

    10 days ago

    Now..wht happen..hhh

  43. James Oskey

    James Oskey

    10 days ago

    Conor McGregor he's if he's so embarrassed of himself! He loves he loves publicity! Congratulations Dustin!

  44. kuto yeptho

    kuto yeptho

    10 days ago

    Connor McGregor has a big mouth but a looser to khabib and Dustin 😂😂😂

  45. Hansen Almani

    Hansen Almani

    10 days ago

    Connor reminds me with the Late Ray Charles,,,Dana white Should Send CONNOR for a Random DRUG TEST CUZ I PRETTY SURE HES ON SOMETHING

  46. Iqbal Hemad

    Iqbal Hemad

    10 days ago

    Start looking for a new boy nana

  47. RC U

    RC U

    10 days ago

    I met Dustin in Tampa. A real kind savage. I can relate. Some men are loved and love but are capable of true savagery when it comes to defending the ones they love. Dustin truly represents the type of man I can relate to.

  48. Ben Kang

    Ben Kang

    10 days ago

    26:10 that left leg

  49. Rabi Albajes

    Rabi Albajes

    10 days ago

    Conner was scared shitless after that kick 😂 what a puss

  50. simple13


    10 days ago

    God heal 🙏 him soon.

  51. Death Sinner

    Death Sinner

    11 days ago

    Conor talks so much nonsense no wonder why his feet left him during the fight

  52. Dave Corbin Jr

    Dave Corbin Jr

    11 days ago

    Dustin had me rollin when he was like "Not McGregor fast, McGregor sleep"

  53. Ijaz Munsif

    Ijaz Munsif

    11 days ago

    Haha he its so so funny haha

  54. doctor atif

    doctor atif

    11 days ago

    Whats music name ? Any one

  55. Josh Thomas

    Josh Thomas

    11 days ago

    Why are all those people cheering for Conor . He's a savage.

  56. Murad Wessel

    Murad Wessel

    11 days ago

    Right about now my 11-year-old daughter would win against Conor.

  57. Nik K

    Nik K

    11 days ago

    this kick made him broke his leg 🦵

    • Sarah Ruiz

      Sarah Ruiz

      11 days ago

      Exactly!! 🤣

  58. Hai Im Kush

    Hai Im Kush

    11 days ago

    Like that space count dude from a galaxy far away once said “twice the pride, double the fall”

  59. International Love.

    International Love.

    11 days ago

    Dustin tuff guy...

  60. Xavier Love all

    Xavier Love all

    11 days ago

    RIP McGregor leg 🤣🤣🤣

    • Alharbi


      10 days ago

      Indian 🤣

  61. Nicholas Taylor

    Nicholas Taylor

    11 days ago

    The start of this is so funny... taking the hot sauce!! Lol. Dustin putting other one down and coner throwing that one too... to funny!!

  62. Ethan Stawks

    Ethan Stawks

    12 days ago

    The ethereal double fascinatingly whine because gold successfully cry from a encouraging peanut. ajar, lumpy beer

  63. Dexter Morgan

    Dexter Morgan

    12 days ago

    I can clearly see the jealousy from McGregor, typical ugly guy's jealousy of a good looking guy, who in this case is also abetter fighter, classier, etc. I bet Conor has realised how his wife looks at poirier lol

  64. Manoel Mesquita

    Manoel Mesquita

    12 days ago

    Name song?

  65. Terrelllee


    12 days ago

    McGregor broke records that night .. and bones … his own bones.

  66. Steve Moreno

    Steve Moreno

    12 days ago

    When pple are to pro full end up getting a real whooping! It proves Conor talks tooooo much that he will get a taste of his own medicine.

  67. Gatot Prakoso

    Gatot Prakoso

    12 days ago

    Connor make"joke"gregor 😂😂😂

  68. Craig Gurule

    Craig Gurule

    12 days ago

    He better be careful he might accidentally break an ankle before the fight, lol

  69. Nayan Rathour

    Nayan Rathour

    12 days ago

    That background music is sick !! 🔥🔥 Too bad I can't find it

  70. Ali Karabulut

    Ali Karabulut

    12 days ago

    All these stupid people in the crowd

  71. Shashi Kaushik

    Shashi Kaushik

    12 days ago


  72. naro supong

    naro supong

    12 days ago

    I dont understand why everyone was Booing at Dustin. De ja vu world.

  73. Dwayne Wood

    Dwayne Wood

    12 days ago

    And in this corner Conor the tool mcgregor

  74. Hayley Regan

    Hayley Regan

    12 days ago

    Sad connor lets himself down by his disrespectful talk

  75. Kronus24


    12 days ago

    All that boo 😒🤢🤮🤮 disgusting fans

  76. Kronus24


    12 days ago

    Damn he was really trying to get in to the head of Dustin

  77. Anas Safian

    Anas Safian

    12 days ago

    So their mouth move faster than speed of sound?

  78. Frustrated English

    Frustrated English

    12 days ago

    5:47 even conor nod agree his thrash talk weak

  79. Frustrated English

    Frustrated English

    12 days ago

    Even pre colby covibgton is not impress with 2021 conor

  80. John Ferreira

    John Ferreira

    13 days ago


  81. The Blue Thunder Bunny

    The Blue Thunder Bunny

    13 days ago

    Conor seems like he's trying to conjure up the spirit of who he used to be, before Khabib stole his soul and he went spiraling into a losing streak.

  82. Steven


    13 days ago

    It looks like conor got into his own head

  83. Steven


    13 days ago

    Dana White pisses me off more than my wife

  84. Nowshad Ahmed

    Nowshad Ahmed

    13 days ago

    Conners ankle didn't want to be part his 'leg'acy 🤣🤣

  85. weight what

    weight what

    13 days ago

    I truly believe now Jake will beat Connor



    13 days ago

    Seriously Dustin is awesome 👏🏻🙏🧡☺️& DAAAAMMNNNN HANDSOME



    13 days ago

    Dustin is such a good man. I love the way he carries & presents himself ❤️

  88. thien long tran ngoc

    thien long tran ngoc

    13 days ago

    26:16 exactly that left foot - Karma

  89. sameer matt

    sameer matt

    13 days ago

    Respect for Dustin!

  90. Phuong Le

    Phuong Le

    13 days ago

    Quietly man always 🥇 win

  91. Sean Issac

    Sean Issac

    13 days ago

    The slow but steady decline of connor mcgregor

  92. Alexis Laqui

    Alexis Laqui

    13 days ago

    Conor McGregor VS Tommy Vercetti

  93. Hubert Raymond Warjri

    Hubert Raymond Warjri

    13 days ago

    Nobody seems to realise that the Notorious Low Class MacGregor has a puppet in UFC...

  94. Watching YouTube

    Watching YouTube

    13 days ago

    Instrumental name?

  95. arctic nip

    arctic nip

    13 days ago


  96. Moxie Corlett

    Moxie Corlett

    13 days ago

    Remember the days when Conor had a unique style of behavior that people tried to imitate, but they'd look silly cos they were trying so hard to be Conor? Nowadays it's like Conor is one of those fighters trying too hard to be like Conor.

  97. JMV JMV


    13 days ago

    a clown like broner of the ufc

  98. GESES


    13 days ago

    this didnt age well lmao

  99. Shahnavaz Mohammad

    Shahnavaz Mohammad

    13 days ago

    That same leg feels sorry now

  100. المصؤر


    13 days ago

    Khabib vs Connor 🤣🤣