UFC 264 Final Face-offs and Ceremonial Weigh-ins! Poirier v McGregor 3




    15 days ago

    gregor vs dustin (break the leg) gregos vs khabib (break the neck)

  2. Michael Sedacca

    Michael Sedacca

    15 days ago

    Notice Joe bows out of respect to Dustin , not Conner

  3. thanks for tha cheese

    thanks for tha cheese

    15 days ago

    Con has an instep

  4. Daily London

    Daily London

    16 days ago

    Wonderboy should come down to Lightweight it will suite his body type. Just imagine this top 7 in same division. 1. Charles Oliveira 2. Dustin Poirier 3. Justin Gaethje 4. Conor Mcgregor 5. Stephen Thomson 6. Islam Makhachev 7. Michael Chandler

  5. Runique Pro

    Runique Pro

    16 days ago

    Anyone here after McStretcher loss.

  6. Godspeed


    16 days ago

    Hey bro,how's the leg😆

  7. Alhan Nawaz

    Alhan Nawaz

    16 days ago

    Whose here after conor broke his goddamn leg?

  8. William Lorenz

    William Lorenz

    16 days ago

    Poirier has a leg up on McGregor...If it were a race instead of a fight bet he wins in the last leg of the 1st round...

  9. Erik W

    Erik W

    16 days ago

    Connor trying to sell this fight doing the most lol

  10. realist bob

    realist bob

    16 days ago

    this fight ends quick,,, conor will go hard at poirier but poirier will weather than finish conor ,,, just sayinng

  11. Scott Hafele

    Scott Hafele

    16 days ago

    I hope all morons that walk out with flags lose.grow up

  12. gfdf fdfg

    gfdf fdfg

    16 days ago

    I do not understand why people are so in to McGregor, everything about him is so cringe.

    • Kenny Ross

      Kenny Ross

      16 days ago

      I KNOW!!! So glad somebody has pointed that out. He overdoes everything because he knows the spotlight is on him. However, I will say that I like his passion and work ethic for the fight game.

  13. Sherzod Qurbonov

    Sherzod Qurbonov

    16 days ago

    When will fight begin?

  14. Shaun Roodt

    Shaun Roodt

    16 days ago

    C'mon Dricus du Plessis! South Africa! Get in!

  15. Organic Ether

    Organic Ether

    16 days ago

    Jesus Joe Rogan looks rough!

  16. Nick Ward

    Nick Ward

    16 days ago

    Joe Rogan sounds like he needs to clear his Throat out ! It goes through lol

  17. Nick Ward

    Nick Ward

    16 days ago


  18. Nick Ward

    Nick Ward

    16 days ago

    I honestly believe this is No walk in the park for SUGAR ! We'll see !

  19. Плюшевая Борода

    Плюшевая Борода

    16 days ago

    Жалгас, братишка, алга! Женис кутемиз! Go Zhako!

  20. Terra Firma

    Terra Firma

    16 days ago

    Conor is the hungriest he's ever been man, he hasn't had a pint since Friday

  21. Randy Perkins

    Randy Perkins

    16 days ago

    Irish "A$$ CLOWN" what a tool!

  22. WillyoDee


    16 days ago

    Wonderboy 🥲

  23. Bolo


    16 days ago

    To me I believe McGregor wins too good technically standing if he doesn't get taken down often or he doesn't get controlled there.

  24. Bolo


    16 days ago

    To me based on who Greg Hardy has beaten vs who Tai Tuivasa has beaten, I think Tai may win but at the same time Hardy has better cardio and speed but I believe Tai is better technically and they both got power but one thing for sure Hardy is solid large tank.

  25. John goldsmith

    John goldsmith

    16 days ago

    Connor will need all them soppy supporters to beat dustin...

  26. Brian Charles

    Brian Charles

    16 days ago

    possibly the most annoying shouty voice they could have picked as an announcer.....

  27. Aaron Sterling

    Aaron Sterling

    16 days ago

    Take his life Conor.

  28. Matty G

    Matty G

    16 days ago

    Mike Goldberg is back!



    16 days ago

    Conor doesn’t scream long enough (due to being an unhungry millionaire)after the weight is announced that coincides with his losses the longer he screams the more he wins them matches so based off that Conor will get sparked

  30. Headboy


    16 days ago

    I don't hate much in this world but in McGregors case I'll make an exception.

  31. OmagawdwataF


    16 days ago

    Damn man, r.i.p. DOESTIN :(

  32. Cody Coldbrewski

    Cody Coldbrewski

    16 days ago

    I love how Dana White went from a pencil neck nerd, to a juice head

  33. Nelly Oroo

    Nelly Oroo

    16 days ago

    Sorry but O'Mailley is scared in this one

  34. Brutal Vocals

    Brutal Vocals

    16 days ago

    Hahaha Dana is so rich I cant believe he doesnt pay someone to square them

  35. JAIR yan

    JAIR yan

    16 days ago


  36. JAIR yan

    JAIR yan

    16 days ago


  37. JAIR yan

    JAIR yan

    16 days ago


  38. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen

    16 days ago

    Conor pray for a win

  39. Corby LAD

    Corby LAD

    16 days ago

    McGregor, the king of the casuals

  40. Tommy Jameson

    Tommy Jameson

    16 days ago

    Dana running to connor to make sure hes okay at 23:26

  41. MH Gemini

    MH Gemini

    16 days ago

    Dustin by 3 rd tko

  42. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes

    16 days ago

    What are the marks on Conors back

    • Richard Morris

      Richard Morris

      16 days ago

      Looked like muscle relaxer pad marks.

  43. Abraham Chinye

    Abraham Chinye

    16 days ago

    Greg Hardy and Thai would be friends outside the octagon 😂😂

  44. HowAboutNo


    16 days ago

    Liking Conor more here, than at the presser.

  45. shan_rocks


    16 days ago

    Ryan Hall, Sean O'Malley, Michel Pereira, Dustin Porier, Connor McGreggor, Gilbert Burns, Stephen Thompson all on the same card. This is going to be amazing!

    • Richard Morris

      Richard Morris

      16 days ago

      Pretty dang good card..

    • MMA YT Highlights

      MMA YT Highlights

      16 days ago

      Don't forget Carlos Condit one of the legend in the sport

  46. Chris Inkles

    Chris Inkles

    16 days ago

    I think Dustin is in in Conor's head.... shame as im a Conor fan. But Conor isnt the same man.

  47. Break beat

    Break beat

    16 days ago

    So much respect for Dustin Poirier!! Conor is just arrogant.

  48. gary brown

    gary brown

    16 days ago

    Well what ever , I'm not buying a PPV for this red panty night

  49. Mike Epps

    Mike Epps

    16 days ago

    Hopefully Connor never wakes up...

  50. Keke Paka ♿

    Keke Paka ♿

    16 days ago

    23:01 his words kinda reminds me of what Khabib said to Conor

    • Kerim Rejepow

      Kerim Rejepow

      16 days ago

      Najede bolya sagat

  51. Carlo Mikhail Reid

    Carlo Mikhail Reid

    16 days ago

    Conor really looks in shape

  52. Elnur Qədirli

    Elnur Qədirli

    16 days ago

    Music name?

  53. Nyangada TV

    Nyangada TV

    16 days ago

    Yₒᵤₙ𝓰 Yₒᵤₜᵤᵦₑᵣₛ ₛᵤₚₚₒᵣₜ ₑₐ𝒸ₕ ₒₜₕₑᵣ, ₖᵢₙ𝒹ₗᵧ ₛᵤᵦₛ𝒸ᵣᵢᵦₑ ₜₒ ₘᵧ 𝒸ₕₐₙₙₑₗ ᵢ 𝓌ᵢₗₗ ₐₗₛₒ ₛᵤᵦₛ𝒸ᵣᵢᵦₑ ₜₒ ᵧₒᵤᵣₛ,ₐ𝒻ₜₑᵣ 𝒸ₒₘₘₑₙₜᵢₙ𝓰 𝒹ₒ𝓌ₙ ₜₕₑᵣₑ 𝒹ₒₙₑ

  54. Nick B.

    Nick B.

    16 days ago

    Rogan with that TRT gut…

  55. William Hudgel

    William Hudgel

    16 days ago

    Bt sport has the best line up ever. The best MMA media team there is period, hands down

  56. Eduardo Nunez

    Eduardo Nunez

    16 days ago


  57. mad zak

    mad zak

    16 days ago

    The most real fight in this card is Thompson vs Burns ❤️

    • Matthew Clark

      Matthew Clark

      16 days ago

      Absolutely! And I wanna see suger

  58. Stuart Sutton

    Stuart Sutton

    16 days ago

    I'm going for Conor by early ko

  59. Travis H

    Travis H

    16 days ago

    If Dana White gets any more jacked were gonna need to see a Brock Lesnar vs Dana White match. I would pay to see it.

  60. Raiful Helal

    Raiful Helal

    16 days ago

    damn, the pink suit guy pissed off conor 23:06

  61. american Dreamchaser

    american Dreamchaser

    16 days ago


  62. american Dreamchaser

    american Dreamchaser

    16 days ago

    Hopefully Kris will ko suga shorts o'malley. O'malley straight LOST against chito vera 💯. LETS GO KRIS.

  63. Lindy Garnache

    Lindy Garnache

    16 days ago

    The cool canadian byerly continue because join assembly regret unlike a yummy polyester. abortive, shaggy tyvek

  64. kenco car

    kenco car

    16 days ago

    There's one thing in life that's a bigger idiot than mcgregor. Mcgregor's followers !!

  65. Saba Nazem

    Saba Nazem

    16 days ago

    فقط بلده کوری بخونه و به هر خری می بازه بیا برو گمشو مگ گریگور

  66. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    16 days ago

    Connor gave Dustin the 2nd rematch & gave money to his foundation. Connor feels disrespected that dustin then beat him by K.O.

  67. Kayne Daly

    Kayne Daly

    16 days ago

    Conor looks nervous

  68. Ty Spiller

    Ty Spiller

    17 days ago

    Joe Rogan sounds like he's under water?

  69. Berat Dak

    Berat Dak

    17 days ago

    What are those marks on Conors back?

  70. Easily Amused

    Easily Amused

    17 days ago

    Was there some needle between Conor and Dana there?…

  71. Jack Greenslade.

    Jack Greenslade.

    17 days ago

    16:25 is Conor and Dustin

  72. Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence

    17 days ago

    shame on the audience....Booing Dustin and cheering for that cocky conor.....Conor is going to get smashed....i cant wait.......

  73. Kool-Aid Man

    Kool-Aid Man

    17 days ago

    That crypto shirt design is tragic



    17 days ago

    Conor come back...🤘🤘👊👊

  75. Deise Rebel

    Deise Rebel

    17 days ago

    I wanna know did Joe make weight he looks jacked 💪🏼 😂

  76. No Name

    No Name

    17 days ago

    Mcgregor wins I’m from the future

  77. ian arcilla

    ian arcilla

    17 days ago

    Conor Mcgregor is back!!

  78. AJ Ney

    AJ Ney

    17 days ago

    Can Conor fight every time please? lol

  79. Giorgi Zakradze

    Giorgi Zakradze

    17 days ago

    Topuria ♥️💪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  80. Rabbit's Cryptos

    Rabbit's Cryptos

    17 days ago

    I got Connor by ko in the first He looks genuinely hungry and pissed this time around.

    • Toyota guy 37

      Toyota guy 37

      17 days ago

      He got a haircut though.

  81. thenurembergcode


    17 days ago

    Ryan Hall always looks nervous but so chill at the same time? He lives in the Matrix I swear....

  82. Markus Monteiro

    Markus Monteiro

    17 days ago


  83. Arun nair

    Arun nair

    17 days ago

    Conor with the PSG shirt for ramos.

  84. Sabre F4i

    Sabre F4i

    17 days ago

    Connors washed up and done

  85. Vin T.K

    Vin T.K

    17 days ago

    Mabye conor learned how to lift his leg when kicked this time if he loses itd be devastating for him, and its back to the drawing board for that boy, Hed probably retire🤭 he talks huge.. but aim huge miss huge. Itd be embarassing for him to lose this but hes never really humbled .

  86. DwiteTheSpriteKnight


    17 days ago

    What is Mcgregor referring to when he mentions kindness?

    • Richard Morris

      Richard Morris

      16 days ago

      Conor made a donation to Dustins charity,the $$ took its time getting there.words were exchanged.Conor eventually sent it.Just something of a story line for buildup.

  87. Rodney Ives Collen

    Rodney Ives Collen

    17 days ago

    The last time Conor acted and talked like this, he got smashed and was submitted. He better walk the talk in the fight. Otherwise, Dustin's going to make him pay for it all and make him suffer another humiliating defeat by knocking him out and putting him on airplane mode again just like in the last fight.

    • Indiana Dirt

      Indiana Dirt

      16 days ago

      He just trying mind games. Why not? It's part of the mental fight

    • Alejandro


      16 days ago

      @Ree and now he is emotional, that’s an advantage for Dustin

    • Ree


      16 days ago

      Last time Conor was nice he got knocked out also

  88. Jairo Romani

    Jairo Romani

    17 days ago

    They fighting again?

  89. Сергей Скоробогатько

    Сергей Скоробогатько

    17 days ago

    Conor every time gonna kill opponent lol

  90. Sean O'Brien

    Sean O'Brien

    17 days ago

    Everyone in t shirts for the new sponsor and then there’s Conor 😂

    • Baker4life777


      16 days ago

      And O’Malley

    • Terra Firma

      Terra Firma

      16 days ago

      ikr lmao

  91. Jacob McNally

    Jacob McNally

    17 days ago

    What the hell is wrong with the back of Dana’s head!???

  92. Genya Kilimnik

    Genya Kilimnik

    17 days ago

    O’Malley has to be the cringiest fighter to grace the octagon. Originally it was Henry Cejudo but that was by design and Henry is a straight up savage.

    • Genya Kilimnik

      Genya Kilimnik

      17 days ago

      @Brett Morrison : I think he is really good actually. Just no where near as good as he believes himself to be.

    • Brett Morrison

      Brett Morrison

      17 days ago

      I halfway agree. At first I though Sean was as hella exciting, but lately it seems like he’s just that. Hype.

  93. Colin Smith

    Colin Smith

    17 days ago

    Conor looks & sounds like ronda before the holly fight lol

    • Frutzburd


      17 days ago

      My thought exactly

  94. James Archer

    James Archer

    17 days ago

    This is the darkest Conor I've seen.

    • Fergal Kavanagh

      Fergal Kavanagh

      16 days ago

      Khabib Conor was pretty dark. I thought those press conferences and weigh ins were toxic.

  95. Dr. Beau Hightower

    Dr. Beau Hightower

    17 days ago

    Lame af with the stupid crypto shirts

  96. MasterKhais


    17 days ago

    After this fight, everyone will be telling Mcgregor to retire.

    • MasterKhais


      16 days ago

      @Fam I am not Edmonton what was that again? 😂 Mcgregor is done

  97. Dayim Shah

    Dayim Shah

    17 days ago

    No one can hate Dustin, that is for sure.

  98. sam ysriell Plaza

    sam ysriell Plaza

    17 days ago

    I dont know but for me Hall has that Saitama mood. Hes like “nah…okay”

  99. Jacob Claypool

    Jacob Claypool

    17 days ago

    Lol did anyone else noticed that all the weight in were all fake and no one was actually getting weighted infront of everyone. It make it look pretty fishy whenever I see something like this. Like many McGregor or someone else couldn't make there weights so they did like this to make it look all fare and legit but it isn't. For all we know a few poeple couldn't make weight and they are just trying to cover it up. Does anyone think this ??

    • HD Daily

      HD Daily

      17 days ago

      your having a laugh aye

  100. G17 ہے

    G17 ہے

    17 days ago

    I guess Khabib showed conor how not to disrespect someone's kindness and take it as their weakness.... Really... Really... Good. He literally changed the man's attitude towards life! Maybe he needs a whooping from Khabib again and this time not in the octagon rather in the streets.