The Unseen Aftermath of UFC 257! Behind the Scenes as Dustin Poirier beat Conor McGregor


  1. Arian Dito

    Arian Dito

    29 minutes ago

    Jolie: "he's the best in the world" Khabib: *tell me...where? location location, I'm gonna come*

  2. Stevie John

    Stevie John

    2 hours ago

    Let's be real his career is kind of over. He can't fight like he used to.

  3. David Ricketts

    David Ricketts

    6 hours ago

    This respectful Conor I'd watch win or lose. The newest incarnation of Conor I don't want to see. He embarrassed him talking crazy about Dustin's wife and violence.

  4. ken arquines

    ken arquines

    18 hours ago

    If there will be a last fight for them two. I'm pretty sure that Connor, would be a lot respectful to Dustin

  5. Md Ashiqur Rahman Saymon

    Md Ashiqur Rahman Saymon

    19 hours ago

    Respect for Conor and Dustin

  6. Henok Tesfaldet

    Henok Tesfaldet

    Day ago

    I can’t imagine the frustration of loosing the fight and the pain on his leg but to still hold the door for his wife and wait til she got in the car before he did is just amazing. It shows who he really is despite all the trash talk against his opponents.

  7. Oscar Figueroa

    Oscar Figueroa

    Day ago

    Almost look like what pride use to do after fights

  8. Assad Shewa Bakhtiar

    Assad Shewa Bakhtiar

    2 days ago

    Once a legend said, " I will make your guy humble"

  9. PL Ngupani

    PL Ngupani

    2 days ago

    Everybody love to see Dustin fighting so he may not involved in trash talk to his opponent , God forbid it . God love to respect one another .

  10. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez

    2 days ago

    Dustin humbled Conor.

  11. Chimney Fish

    Chimney Fish

    2 days ago


  12. TJtheAdventurer


    2 days ago

    So his leg was broken from this fight 😭

  13. Patience Wynn

    Patience Wynn

    3 days ago

    I never know conor is a nice guy after fighting, he has two different sides. Respect

    • Jasen Jahn

      Jasen Jahn

      2 days ago

      😂 it’s called heavy drugs.

  14. Rayan Daphine

    Rayan Daphine

    3 days ago

    My first time to see corner being humble

  15. General Siad BarreThe2nd

    General Siad BarreThe2nd

    3 days ago


  16. Jessezzmmm


    3 days ago


  17. milo


    3 days ago

    jolie got them milkers

  18. Yung Prendi

    Yung Prendi

    4 days ago

    Dustin did good Capricorn gang

  19. Paul Manor

    Paul Manor

    4 days ago

    That's the locker room on "fight island"...? feckin' dump

  20. real Reno

    real Reno

    4 days ago

    Respect Dustin but he said three times "he's not strong" wait so what happened the first fight



    4 days ago

    Saddest day of MMA history

  22. Moynul Haque

    Moynul Haque

    4 days ago

    His fake af

  23. Ray Garcia

    Ray Garcia

    5 days ago

    I have a feeling Nate Diaz can take Dustin it would be hell of a fight at 170

  24. Mr.Martyr


    5 days ago

    So very sad to see Conor fall in such a deep, dark hole. This is how he should have lost the 3rd one. And he lost the respect of millions because of it. Conor will never be the same person again.

  25. yogadem B1

    yogadem B1

    5 days ago

    This version of Conor is so much more appealing than his Megatroll act.

  26. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    5 days ago

    Dustin: Hes not strong

  27. Namaloom Pakistani

    Namaloom Pakistani

    5 days ago

    2:26 Why are their right ears different?

    • K T

      K T

      4 days ago

      They’re cauliflower ears that fighters get, because there isn’t much space in the ears for blood to travel it deforms like this.

  28. Myname Ismyname

    Myname Ismyname

    6 days ago

    Their lady's need a 3 rounder

  29. Wolf Messing

    Wolf Messing

    6 days ago

    Maybe Old Bone.. Khabib broke

  30. Neelam Negi

    Neelam Negi

    6 days ago

    It is not over 💥

  31. ג'ייקוב ישראל

    ג'ייקוב ישראל

    7 days ago

    Lol conor looks like a straight up crackhead when he has the shaved head

  32. The Knoxvillain

    The Knoxvillain

    7 days ago

    Respect,why isn't this type of fight night promoted more??????

  33. Snowman374th


    7 days ago

    I don't care what they say. This was a good respectable ending. The way he states "we'll do it again" Say's it all. Fighters get boring, I hate to say it. But when they do, trash talk raises the bar. Makes people LISTEN. WATCH. REACT. And let me tell ya folks, THAT is Entertainment. 1:10

  34. gamer zone

    gamer zone

    7 days ago

    he s near crying looooooooool

  35. victor victor  fitness

    victor victor fitness

    7 days ago

    Connor quit to muchhhhhh

  36. Ibrahim Mohd

    Ibrahim Mohd

    7 days ago

    He became humble cos for his lost,what will happen if he won,the thing will different.this guy is very cunning 😂

    • Be Humble

      Be Humble

      3 days ago

      @Midun Can He is casual khabib plastic fan

    • Midun Can

      Midun Can

      6 days ago

      Youre bad fool... Look at the youtube when he won.

  37. Philip Solomon

    Philip Solomon

    7 days ago

    Second fight right leg third fight left leg. 😂😂😂😂

  38. fyitbs123


    7 days ago

    This is the conor I would love and support.

  39. Captain Mauser

    Captain Mauser

    8 days ago

    The obese wife 😂

  40. Captain Mauser

    Captain Mauser

    8 days ago

    3:05 - The emptiness of a bully. Cry yourself to sleep for me little McBrittlebones 👌

  41. Henry Quesada

    Henry Quesada

    8 days ago

    Wat a beast he is.broken leg.wat a dingbat that airhead is

  42. Danny Eden

    Danny Eden

    8 days ago

    One step away from becoming WWE....

  43. Justin Nicholson

    Justin Nicholson

    8 days ago

    Two words sum up this video.....calf kick.

  44. Dr.H


    8 days ago

    If he could have only been this guy his entire career

  45. Jon Nixon

    Jon Nixon

    8 days ago

    THAT...was the Conor I used to like.

  46. eyob girma

    eyob girma

    8 days ago

    I'm sad Conor lost. I hate Dustin

  47. Rau Benard

    Rau Benard

    8 days ago

    Mans giving excuses about calfs already🤣🤣

  48. Reza Motori

    Reza Motori

    8 days ago

    conor overtrained!...............a little crack in the bone in training results in a break in the octagon!

  49. CodeTheArtist TV

    CodeTheArtist TV

    8 days ago

    I wonder if watched his first loss and talked about nooo that’s the one that put me out lol

  50. william mackinlay

    william mackinlay

    8 days ago

    Wrong leg??????

  51. Hayden Gutierrez

    Hayden Gutierrez

    8 days ago

    258 connor would've finished 257 poirier - aiyah connor one step behind.

  52. TheBombDotCom


    8 days ago

    all for show this last fight

  53. Seven Nine Three

    Seven Nine Three

    8 days ago

    McNuggets leg divorced him..

  54. Tyler D

    Tyler D

    8 days ago




    9 days ago

    Why Dustin has so many face

  56. S.Nungsang Jamir

    S.Nungsang Jamir

    9 days ago

    McGregor cowards 😁

  57. Chandler Bing

    Chandler Bing

    9 days ago

    This is absolute great editing for this video. This was perfect

  58. The Only MultI

    The Only MultI

    9 days ago

    How did they go from this to not even touching gloves at the beginning of the Trilogy fight?

  59. Sburman95


    9 days ago

    I seriously wish Conor was like this after this fight I liked this Connor so much better after this fight but after the antics for this one iv lost some

  60. Boot Massive

    Boot Massive

    9 days ago

    See khabib! That's how it's done.

  61. Jason miller

    Jason miller

    9 days ago

    Excally knocked out winer McGregor

  62. Piri Hern

    Piri Hern

    9 days ago

    Muy bueno dustin. He no talk mierda no mo

  63. Francis


    9 days ago

    khabis is the ufc goat. conor is the salesguy

  64. Joseph Jay

    Joseph Jay

    9 days ago

    Dee is a rock ❤️

  65. Bernard Tan

    Bernard Tan

    9 days ago

    Connor is already a 2 weight division champ. He could have QUIT like the crying bear of Dagestan if he wanted to but he gave Dustin a rematch. That's what real Champions do... Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, etc. Fake undefeated champs cry like a baby 🍼 when it's time for a rematch then QUIT FOREVER. 🐔 👎

    • Yeah whatever

      Yeah whatever

      2 days ago


    • The Exorcist

      The Exorcist

      6 days ago

      Idiot comment

  66. Matt125 K

    Matt125 K

    9 days ago

    Old sore this time he broke it he says (it take lots of courage for someone to fight me ) hahahah. Conor is one round fighter second round he is like punctured ball airless and not bounce anymore..

  67. MMA Talk

    MMA Talk

    9 days ago

    Mctapper to McCalf

  68. Ricardo Aos

    Ricardo Aos

    9 days ago

    I hope Connor reverts back to this humility, humbleness. And retires the right way

  69. Andrew Aldrich

    Andrew Aldrich

    9 days ago

    Now we see that Dustin was right, all the trash talk is just to hype Conor up. He clearly needs it. He should retire, go back to featherweight, or just fight youtubers for the big checks. Lightweight was never his division.

  70. Thomas Kennedy

    Thomas Kennedy

    9 days ago

    1:58 that guy is without a doubt Irish by blood lol.

  71. SILENT G


    9 days ago

    What khabib said become real...GG



    9 days ago

    she was in his DMS LOL

  73. Rodrigo Meraz

    Rodrigo Meraz

    9 days ago

    Connor should think about getting into some boxing now ufc is gona end up destroying his leg

  74. Vajma Frelsh

    Vajma Frelsh

    9 days ago

    MC greggor retaired.

  75. Meye Leyef

    Meye Leyef

    9 days ago

    God Dame those stupid masks

  76. Emma Wills

    Emma Wills

    9 days ago

    Sport drama ... 🤣

  77. sassoking


    10 days ago

    So he can be a gentleman. Connor got my respect back

  78. Rigoberto Hernandez

    Rigoberto Hernandez

    10 days ago

    So where did all the hate came from in the third fight???? This ended in pretty good manner!!!! Don't get it

  79. Peter Ripuli

    Peter Ripuli

    10 days ago

    great sportsmanship even behind the curtains!

  80. USMC MSgt

    USMC MSgt

    10 days ago

    Conner next fight is Paul Logan since Connor will not have to kick…..

  81. Panchitobear


    10 days ago

    And the loser is….. fans!! And the winner is Habib!

  82. John Smith

    John Smith

    10 days ago

    He's a embarrassing person from a Dubliner don't speak for me go spend your money Connor from a working class dub 🇨🇮☘️

  83. Patriot Logic

    Patriot Logic

    10 days ago

    That’s a classy Conor! Too bad it’s not the real Conor!

  84. Calv C

    Calv C

    10 days ago

    Confusing why he was so humble here then the 3rd fight just turned into a knob

    • aola wili

      aola wili

      10 days ago

      Thanks for the great vid!

  85. Tyrone Davis

    Tyrone Davis

    10 days ago

    My hat's off to both of them, for being men about it and shaking hands, much respect.

  86. vergedrums


    10 days ago

    When I had some grudging respect for Conor. That's gone now.

    • A Mangroove

      A Mangroove

      5 days ago

      He don’t give a fook.. it’s him who has the big Irish balls

  87. Denny Gangmei

    Denny Gangmei

    10 days ago

    Inside the ring they're beast but outside 👉 brothers no doubt.👊🤝

  88. Gloria Nieves

    Gloria Nieves

    10 days ago

    G,ano porque el otro se rompió el tobillo

  89. Buzz Light-year

    Buzz Light-year

    10 days ago

    No more fluke for leprechaun

  90. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

    10 days ago

    He needs to exit. At this point, he's just a punching bag.

  91. Mix 423

    Mix 423

    10 days ago

    I understand conor , fokin drugen problems m8

  92. Ethio Monk

    Ethio Monk

    10 days ago

    😆😆look at the real chicken Conor 😆😆

  93. Rapz Way

    Rapz Way

    10 days ago

    Kabib vc porior

  94. Rapz Way

    Rapz Way

    10 days ago


  95. Rapz Way

    Rapz Way

    10 days ago


  96. Theyoseyi Theyo

    Theyoseyi Theyo

    10 days ago

    Cornor champion of trash talk Dustin champion in octagon

  97. Astrid Müller

    Astrid Müller

    10 days ago

    Thanks for the great vid!

  98. Astrid Müller

    Astrid Müller

    10 days ago

    I like the atmosphere shortly after the fight. The respect between the fighters. Everything seems so calm. After the storm.

  99. gurp chirp

    gurp chirp

    10 days ago

    this conor is way better. no need to fight anymore, bud. just chill with your fam.

  100. Pew.... Dink

    Pew.... Dink

    10 days ago

    This Conor doesn't seem to be such a poor sport, trash talking loser! 🤷