John Cena explains the motivation behind his WWE return & calls out Roman Reigns | Monday Night Raw


  1. James Lennox

    James Lennox

    Day ago

    Wait, I don't see anyone there? :)



    Day ago

    Dominic toretto - oh so u a wrestler now

  3. ThePatUltra


    Day ago

    Wow, so WWE hired the forklift guy from Home Depot; I hope he does well....

  4. sam p

    sam p

    Day ago

    WWE is so much better with the fans no joke

  5. Pre Zinge

    Pre Zinge

    2 days ago

    The greatest to ever to do it!!!!!!! Argue with yourselves 🚶

  6. Shubash Chakma

    Shubash Chakma

    3 days ago

    Roman "Over Protected" Reigns. So so so TRUE👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  7. Theron Price

    Theron Price

    3 days ago

    Who in Gods name wants to watch a Communist Groveling wrestler? Who's brilliant idea was this? Maybe John Cena can relocate to China and be the mascot of the Chinese Communist Party? I used to enjoy watching 45 minutes of "Wipeout" on Saturday morning, but after John Cena's pathetic groveling to the Chinese Government I stopped watching. Guess what... all of my co-workers have said the exact same thing. John Cena's apology stunt was a National embarrassment and it will hasten the capture of Taiwan, just watch. Give me a break, this is insane! -Theron

  8. Abdur Rahaman

    Abdur Rahaman

    3 days ago

    So much hate in this place!!!!!!

  9. We Gotta Talk About It Podcast

    We Gotta Talk About It Podcast

    3 days ago

    People still watch this?

  10. Magnitude


    3 days ago


  11. junior nascimento

    junior nascimento

    3 days ago

    conor wwe ia ser show

  12. Michael


    3 days ago

    "Let's go China"

  13. Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

    Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

    4 days ago

    His motivation is the company paying him 💰💰💰💰

  14. Renaldo Matadeen

    Renaldo Matadeen

    4 days ago

    where is islam?

  15. oil bum

    oil bum

    4 days ago

    Here's the motivation..tried acting can't do it.

  16. Chris D

    Chris D

    4 days ago

    He should have come back in a heel Hollywood outfit like rock did now he’s breaking into Hollywood. Missed opportunity there from wwe



    4 days ago

    He's back

  18. Bubba Smole Yay

    Bubba Smole Yay

    4 days ago

    Chyyyyyyyy naaaaaaahhhh

  19. K 95

    K 95

    4 days ago

    His motivation is bread

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    Phloxy Talks 003

    4 days ago

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  21. akhil aravind

    akhil aravind

    4 days ago

    Finally ppl can boo roman's heel character n not his boring character 😂

  22. king khan1

    king khan1

    4 days ago

    Roman reigns Will win

  23. Eire King

    Eire King

    4 days ago

    Jim Carrey out here

  24. Street Jesus

    Street Jesus

    4 days ago


  25. Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

    4 days ago

    When competitors are all hand picked and outcomes are already decided it's not a sport. Why is it on "Bt Sport"?

  26. Ashwin PS

    Ashwin PS

    4 days ago


  27. Aasif 23110

    Aasif 23110

    4 days ago

    Indian people going to be apart Half - 4 John Cena Half - 4 roman

  28. Bambata Records

    Bambata Records

    4 days ago


  29. Daniela Pulgar

    Daniela Pulgar

    4 days ago

    John cena 🇨🇱 Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🇺🇸🙋 chilena corazón 💋💝♥️💖🤗 2021

  30. Fiore Deutchmark

    Fiore Deutchmark

    4 days ago

    What a disgusting communist

  31. Devan Singh

    Devan Singh

    5 days ago

    Cena is the man who can get WWE back on track

  32. K Simmo

    K Simmo

    5 days ago

    That crowd sucked.

  33. Matt Howell

    Matt Howell

    5 days ago

    He must have renegotiated with China.

  34. Bigg Juntao’

    Bigg Juntao’

    5 days ago

    “Who brought me back?” “My Ego, I ain’t wrestling in front of laptops” 😭

  35. caocheranofarinha


    5 days ago

    👎👎👎 big fake fight

  36. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith

    5 days ago

    Drama queens

  37. Marty McK

    Marty McK

    5 days ago

    Straight outta the Chinese “re-education” camp. 😜

  38. Ricardo Triviani

    Ricardo Triviani

    5 days ago

    John Cena is an awful husk of a human being. He sold his soul

    • Dharmin Acharya

      Dharmin Acharya

      4 days ago

      No he didn't

  39. MotorGunner


    5 days ago


  40. new message

    new message

    5 days ago

    why is nobody in the ring?

  41. Ammad A Khan

    Ammad A Khan

    5 days ago

    Ninja technique just like The Rock to promote fast franchise

  42. Paul S

    Paul S

    5 days ago


  43. Seb6868 Plam

    Seb6868 Plam

    5 days ago

    So I bowed down to China

  44. RAGSTAluvsDA90z


    5 days ago

    John Cena and Roman Reigns Fast and the Furious spin off???

  45. yaboi mason

    yaboi mason

    5 days ago


  46. Mark England

    Mark England

    5 days ago

    “Please rise for the Chinese national anthem!” Howard Finkel



    5 days ago

    Dr of thugonomics gimmick would be more suitable for this gimmick

  48. Elin Grome

    Elin Grome

    5 days ago

    CCP Cena

  49. Khaldan Carlos

    Khaldan Carlos

    5 days ago

    Who on earth with Brain watched WWE in this time?

  50. Ds2k14 2014

    Ds2k14 2014

    5 days ago

    It's fake and boring who cares

  51. Ds2k14 2014

    Ds2k14 2014

    5 days ago


  52. Blah Blah

    Blah Blah

    5 days ago

    Love a good liar. Motivation - 💰

  53. D M

    D M

    5 days ago

    The guys old as hell and dressing like a PC mascot

  54. Džonas Wickas

    Džonas Wickas

    5 days ago

    John China back to USA

  55. harsh


    5 days ago

    Wait a min, there are fans now Wow what i missed?

  56. Dan


    5 days ago

    This is so trash!

  57. Beta Ray Bill

    Beta Ray Bill

    5 days ago

    Greatest period for the WWF/E would've been between 1991-2003. I stopped watching in around 1996, before Smackdown was even a thing.

  58. Sugar ray

    Sugar ray

    5 days ago

    44 years old and dressed like a 5 year old. Feel sorry for John man.

  59. Anas Shahid 224

    Anas Shahid 224

    5 days ago

    Welcome back John Cena 🙌

  60. Samuel Legesse

    Samuel Legesse

    5 days ago

    He says romanreigns brought me back but at the beginning he says romanreigns was angry when he see me. I am confused as paul heyman but finally i understood.

  61. The Handsome Guy From The Hood

    The Handsome Guy From The Hood

    5 days ago

    Who brought me back? Well...Vince McMahon

    • Seb6868 Plam

      Seb6868 Plam

      5 days ago

      The CCP

  62. Nidge Morphie

    Nidge Morphie

    5 days ago

    I thought he was Chinese now??

  63. Bruh brown

    Bruh brown

    5 days ago

    And stop deleting comments

  64. Bruh brown

    Bruh brown

    5 days ago

    Winnie the pooh

  65. JulianSandz


    5 days ago

    Obviously a chinese clone now etc

  66. Eddie Quist

    Eddie Quist

    5 days ago

    Because no one in America cares so lets try to get the commies.

  67. V K

    V K

    5 days ago


    • Karim Hussein

      Karim Hussein

      5 days ago

      🤣🤣 One of the best ones yet

  68. Red Devil

    Red Devil

    5 days ago

    Thing is. The pathetic john cena experiance lasted the longest.

  69. Blender Boy

    Blender Boy

    5 days ago

    He doesn't need the WWE championship, he's got family



      2 days ago

      Vince decides who wins the title in a scripted fight.

    • Sharmila Thomas

      Sharmila Thomas

      4 days ago




      5 days ago

      Did u just say family?

    • Caine Te Whare

      Caine Te Whare

      5 days ago


  70. A Aron

    A Aron

    5 days ago

    How is he tolerated on American soil??? John China.

  71. Psire


    5 days ago

    Taiwan is a mfing country tho

  72. Dawar Ahmad

    Dawar Ahmad

    5 days ago

    John China

  73. Albert Guerrero

    Albert Guerrero

    5 days ago

    Pong Xina

  74. Albert Guerrero

    Albert Guerrero

    5 days ago

    The Chinese PUPPET, boycott this man

  75. Ryan Wong

    Ryan Wong

    5 days ago

    Cena saving the industry once again

    • Seb6868 Plam

      Seb6868 Plam

      5 days ago

      Zong Xi Na is the best in the ring

  76. Martin O'Neill

    Martin O'Neill

    5 days ago

    What brought me back: I NEED THE 💰

    • Abdur Rahaman

      Abdur Rahaman

      3 days ago

      He earns more in Hollywood

  77. dopetobe2000


    5 days ago

    Ni hao communist brother 🇨🇳🤡

  78. Shaun R

    Shaun R

    5 days ago


  79. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD


    5 days ago

    We still can't see him in the ring. 😅😅

  80. Krishanan Merdono

    Krishanan Merdono

    5 days ago

    BT sport re-uploading videos that WWE Official posted yesterday.

  81. Judtin Douglas

    Judtin Douglas

    5 days ago

    Who brought him back, the 💰💰💰💰💰

    • Seb6868 Plam

      Seb6868 Plam

      5 days ago

      No the CCP

  82. er du dum eller hvad

    er du dum eller hvad

    5 days ago

    John Xi Na

  83. T02


    5 days ago

    So proud that the WWE are finally opening up to the Chinese Communist viewers and giving Jang Xina a starring role, truly a very progressive move on their part

    • Kaz


      3 days ago


    • Seb6868 Plam

      Seb6868 Plam

      5 days ago

      Zong Xi Na is back in the ring

    • Seb6868 Plam

      Seb6868 Plam

      5 days ago

      Who brought me back? China!

    • Dominic Preece

      Dominic Preece

      5 days ago

      Shut up

  84. Holy Molly

    Holy Molly

    5 days ago

    A great athlete from China finally make his debut in US ..welcome john china!!

  85. Mohammed Usman

    Mohammed Usman

    5 days ago

    Just doesnt hit the same anymore

  86. CV


    5 days ago

    He doesn't have family to save him. Where's Dom?

  87. ArctisFN


    5 days ago

    Btw to

  88. DemonofChaos264


    5 days ago

    Chinese shill. John Cena is a disgrace. I suppose it fits perfectly with modern WWE though

  89. The Pounder

    The Pounder

    5 days ago

    Surprised he didn’t come in as a Chinese Communist heel.

    • Oshane Patterson

      Oshane Patterson

      5 days ago

      @Lio UniqueHe was a heel in his early days!!!

    • Lio Unique

      Lio Unique

      5 days ago

      Cena never turns heel otherwise there will be no one for the fans to support

  90. Slack


    5 days ago

    Motivation = $$$$$

  91. Mark Andella

    Mark Andella

    5 days ago

    Mr China is back, yeeee (newer watched him or wwe)

  92. Seun Toyobo

    Seun Toyobo

    5 days ago

    This guy is soooooo corny

  93. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    5 days ago

    This communist apologist

  94. Dan


    5 days ago

    Beating the dead horse one last time 😂

    • Harley Griffiths

      Harley Griffiths

      5 days ago

      ..... ok



    5 days ago

    Cena kisses China communists arse, dirtbag needs to move out of America

  96. Mustafa Omar

    Mustafa Omar

    5 days ago

    Fake fake

  97. MesserBest


    5 days ago

    Is this footage from years ago or is covid just forgotten about in US?

    • Poop Man

      Poop Man

      5 days ago

      It’s forgotten about in the US

    • Rojdan Cam

      Rojdan Cam

      5 days ago

      literally thinking the same thing lol

  98. jay Connor84

    jay Connor84

    5 days ago

    All sounds like Chinese to me !

  99. CRYCES


    5 days ago

    connor mcgregor vs john cena NOW! 😻

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

      5 days ago

      Yes in a WWE ring. 😅

    • Paul iceman

      Paul iceman

      5 days ago

      Mcgregor off to lose another fight? 😂

  100. Papa Simp

    Papa Simp

    5 days ago

    Xhong xina is back.

    • anass jebali

      anass jebali

      4 days ago

      What's the story with him and china