Dustin Poirier's message for Charles Oliveira!


  1. lasha kashakashvili

    lasha kashakashvili

    9 hours ago

    Hi is not joking right there boys😏Comon Dustin...Victory is waiting...💪

  2. Nahom Yemane

    Nahom Yemane

    9 hours ago

    He got some big hands

  3. Mikiel Sahagun

    Mikiel Sahagun

    10 hours ago

    "That's my bone be prepared to fight for it Chucky"

  4. Trenton Mcguire

    Trenton Mcguire

    12 hours ago

    He's a dimnut

  5. Mid Knight

    Mid Knight

    12 hours ago

    No u won't 😆

  6. Brock


    13 hours ago

    Look at the size of his fist that’s a big dude

  7. 🥊 NY DaVinci 🥊

    🥊 NY DaVinci 🥊

    14 hours ago

    My dude!!! Brutal fighter.💪💪💪💪💪

  8. warrior


    20 hours ago


  9. Sanenba Kjo

    Sanenba Kjo

    Day ago

    I think dustin will knock olivera out

  10. Samuel Dhar

    Samuel Dhar

    Day ago

    I know Dustin will beat him 100 percent sure

  11. o homem do tempo

    o homem do tempo

    Day ago

    Oliveira fica esperto . Cuidado não pra não deixar o pescoço ou a canela

  12. Hugo Heimar Vaarend

    Hugo Heimar Vaarend

    2 days ago

    Cringe as usual

  13. C.Murray


    2 days ago

    Dustin is so respectful to his other opponents that are also respectful but if they're not then Dustin is right there in their face ready to go!

  14. WeAreTheVirus89


    2 days ago

    Poirier looking like Micheal Chandler for a bit here

  15. Victor Thompson

    Victor Thompson

    2 days ago

    Charles is a hand full, and he don't play with his food like Conor does.

  16. Walter Lippmann

    Walter Lippmann

    2 days ago

    gonna be a banger

  17. ירון בינדר

    ירון בינדר

    2 days ago

    What an Anti star...

  18. Yashasv Rana

    Yashasv Rana

    2 days ago

    That's how u keep a sport healthy

  19. Gregory Vincent

    Gregory Vincent

    3 days ago

    Diamond 💎 & NEW

  20. MVP 01

    MVP 01

    3 days ago

    We need to see Poirier vs Gaethje 2, not Oliveira

  21. Dhyan Dassappan

    Dhyan Dassappan

    3 days ago

    current lightweight champion is Charles Oliveira.......... And Dustin also beat Conor McGregor And now!!!!!!!!!! It's Charles Oliveira vs Dustin Poirier . I'm super excited!!

  22. Mj applehead

    Mj applehead

    4 days ago

    Dustin poirier, is the Next khabib nurmagomedov, humble man, and a good fighter

    • Alvin Cooks

      Alvin Cooks

      3 days ago

      Well dustin got lot experience fightin khabib so he has advantage

  23. Fonseca Taliaferro

    Fonseca Taliaferro

    4 days ago

    Never realized how crooked this guys nose is

  24. Linent Gaming

    Linent Gaming

    4 days ago

    Both t awesome i like em both

  25. David Lothbrok

    David Lothbrok

    11 days ago

    I think dustin finishes him in 30 sec lmao..he cant stand a chance with dustin

  26. Kevin G

    Kevin G

    11 days ago

    Can’t wait to see Oliveira humble him

  27. Faew Dsa

    Faew Dsa

    11 days ago

    Oliveira though not being famed for his stand up, he somehow managed to KO Chandler, which is also a heavy hitter. Might not be an easy fight for Poirier.

  28. Deividas Runca

    Deividas Runca

    11 days ago

    Love this guy

  29. Rejus Flippant

    Rejus Flippant

    12 days ago


  30. Twosevenboy1


    12 days ago

    dustin cool and all but no hype ....like no trash talk at all ..........boring

  31. Damian Danev

    Damian Danev

    12 days ago

    Is his nose broken?

  32. Fizzco


    12 days ago

    Poirier will win by KO

  33. Antonio B

    Antonio B

    12 days ago

    Ahahahaha angry smily boy

  34. A squizz

    A squizz

    12 days ago

    Taking a small shot at the champ......Charles will get this done in 3 rounds

  35. mayur Chhabhaiya

    mayur Chhabhaiya

    12 days ago

    Why everyone think dustin easily beat Charles.. Man Charles is different leval.. Mark my word Charles Beat dustin in 3 round

  36. mayur Chhabhaiya

    mayur Chhabhaiya

    12 days ago

    Relax dustin... Charles not easy

  37. The Most Of WWE

    The Most Of WWE

    13 days ago

    Loser has to work for colgate.

  38. Achilles MMA

    Achilles MMA

    13 days ago

    If he win over chalres,he will be fighter of year. Beat conor twice and oliveira will be super impressed

  39. Eddy


    13 days ago

    his nose was even more screwed up

  40. stufoo


    13 days ago

    Dustin really does have some bricks for hands

  41. Un1uckY123


    13 days ago

    illegitimate win.

  42. Vangeghbegha Begha

    Vangeghbegha Begha

    13 days ago

    Blood Diamond!

  43. Money Machine

    Money Machine

    13 days ago

    Crazy that this dude thinks he won anything 😂 nothing but a journey men who hits low level fighters

  44. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams

    13 days ago

    Choked out.

  45. Resa Nosora

    Resa Nosora

    13 days ago

    Let's gooooo !!!!!

  46. Concerned Citizen

    Concerned Citizen

    13 days ago

    Those are fighting words

  47. el papa toppie

    el papa toppie

    13 days ago

    Oliveira is going to demolish him

  48. Tanuky


    13 days ago

    Oliveira predicted coner to win, he obviously wanted that money fight 💰💰 but instead he got a dog fight

  49. Tiki Tiki

    Tiki Tiki

    13 days ago


  50. Rajiv Ranjan Sinha

    Rajiv Ranjan Sinha

    13 days ago

    To be honest Dustin beat more famous and more dominant names in lightweight division than Khabib. Like Alvarez, HollowayX2, Gaethje, McGregor X2 . As much as i like Khabib i can clearly observe that he faced only 3 big challenges in McGregor,Dustin and Justin while Dustin already did the lightweight division more than once. That man has to be respected

  51. Дмитрий Коротишин

    Дмитрий Коротишин

    13 days ago

    oliveira smash dustin🤡🤡

  52. Brecher!


    13 days ago


  53. peanutbutler


    13 days ago

    All the best Dustin!

  54. notoriously  anonymous

    notoriously anonymous

    14 days ago

    Now this is what's worth watching

  55. Unimar EAD

    Unimar EAD

    14 days ago

    Two warriors! Victory for charles by submission.

  56. Lexi Austin

    Lexi Austin

    14 days ago

    this is about to be the most respectful fight promo i’ve ever seen

  57. Shekayne Rees

    Shekayne Rees

    14 days ago

    Oliveira wins by Sub

  58. Brent Wright

    Brent Wright

    14 days ago

    If dustin wins the strap from Oliveira I want him to move up and fight usman or Colby

  59. Luka Marčinković

    Luka Marčinković

    14 days ago

    Oliveira gets him out in 2

  60. Mebanjop Lyngdoh

    Mebanjop Lyngdoh

    14 days ago

    Good luck Dustin i ❤ u when other don't..

  61. Riz Alam

    Riz Alam

    14 days ago

    He might lose to Olivera

  62. Muhammad Paghmani

    Muhammad Paghmani

    14 days ago

    Dustin ❤️🖤💚

  63. Galaxy Vulture

    Galaxy Vulture

    14 days ago

    I just really hope dustin retired when islam makes top 5 rankings bc hes on a mission

  64. Prashant


    14 days ago

    Olievera beats him by submission

  65. King Grim 👑

    King Grim 👑

    14 days ago

    Big mistake lol Olivera was going too the beach today until he saw this. Olivera is a humble,quiet MANIAC. Good Luck Dustin, Your gonna need it lol

  66. Ryen Silbert

    Ryen Silbert

    14 days ago

    Olivera gonna beat poireir

  67. Fhjhhg Ftyuuytff

    Fhjhhg Ftyuuytff

    14 days ago


  68. Iliyan Lyubenov

    Iliyan Lyubenov

    14 days ago

    Salty Mcnugget fans all over the internet while Dustin drinks their tears lmao

  69. Tri Trunk

    Tri Trunk

    14 days ago

    Oliveira will fk Dustin up. Dustin is cardio and wild strikes, that's it.

    • Gorilla


      14 days ago


  70. Dynamite Black

    Dynamite Black

    14 days ago

    Chicken's fans suddenly released the chicken's true colors :)) I find its funny.

  71. dan24768


    14 days ago

    I think olivera wins that

  72. Okay Nevermind

    Okay Nevermind

    14 days ago

    Two great humans who donates so much to charity, don't know who should I support !

  73. Alexis sanchez

    Alexis sanchez

    14 days ago

    Can anyone tell me where does he gets his shirt??

  74. julian gutierrez

    julian gutierrez

    14 days ago

    Hes no where near olivera, good luck bro

  75. Timbl Tm

    Timbl Tm

    14 days ago

    Конор нос сломал ему

  76. Fresh


    14 days ago

    That's going to be a sick fight! There's so many possible outcomes. These two are gonna bring it.

  77. G 2

    G 2

    15 days ago

    Lmfao everyone here is happy for Dustin but I damn well know that all the share owners r crying. Dustin v Charles is doing 500k MAX

  78. Ravi Gurung

    Ravi Gurung

    15 days ago

    Olivera will take over

  79. Ryan Scarphone

    Ryan Scarphone

    15 days ago

    Connors ankle: ight....well, imma head out

  80. THOT COP


    15 days ago

    I think tbh oliveira can take an easy dub if he is more technically sound than him if he tries to straight box with him Dustin has it all day

  81. Jonah Bacon

    Jonah Bacon

    15 days ago

    My boy Dustin is a hitter 💎

  82. isaac alzate

    isaac alzate

    15 days ago

    Dustin will definetly beat charles he aint getting caught with a punch like that the way chandler did it was also chandlers fault he could have won that

  83. Gary Gwinn

    Gary Gwinn

    15 days ago

    Finally we can get back to Martial Artists that we can all root for.



    15 days ago

    Its gone be a good fight, but Oliveira would trash Dustin out. It won't be easy, but still.

    • Dynamite Black

      Dynamite Black

      14 days ago

      Lmao. What did I just read? 🙈🙉

  85. Shade NMoney

    Shade NMoney

    15 days ago

    I think Dustin beats Oliveira. Oliveira is overrated IMO. Look at his past fights. He gets knocked out at 145 people never really notice him until he became champ

  86. Dilan TL

    Dilan TL

    15 days ago

    I like Dustin and it would be nice to see him fight Oliveira but I preferred the trash talk that Mcgreggor brought. All this niceness gets boring tbh.

    • Chaplin


      14 days ago

      well there's always WWE

  87. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas

    15 days ago

    He wont beat cgarles but wishful thinking

  88. Magnetic Gray 5.0

    Magnetic Gray 5.0

    15 days ago

    That was kinda cringe

  89. lil perc

    lil perc

    15 days ago

    lol so much people hate mcgergor so everyone’s saying dustins win was well deserved

  90. Emmanuel Manuel

    Emmanuel Manuel

    15 days ago

    Jolie’s wife

  91. Tony Gareth

    Tony Gareth

    15 days ago

    Conor is gonna knock him out again just wait

  92. Diego Fonseca

    Diego Fonseca

    15 days ago

    Big fan of this man right here. Dustin Poirier is a real gentleman. A good family man. Honorable. Real warrior with genuine sportsmanship. Generous. Humble. Fearless. He deserves all the blessings he has and the ones yet to come. 🙏🏽 Let’s get it Dustin! Go get that strap. Show the Brazilian what time it is! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  93. AllBout Criptains

    AllBout Criptains

    15 days ago

    I feel like Olivera is not gonna let go of that belt, dustin will come up short in this fight,

  94. Abby


    15 days ago

    Aw man this is gonna be a good one!



    15 days ago


  96. wheelmanstan


    15 days ago

    now that's a fight we gotta see

  97. J


    15 days ago

    What a cornball

  98. Arystan Naizabekov

    Arystan Naizabekov

    15 days ago

    its gona happen

  99. Arystan Naizabekov

    Arystan Naizabekov

    15 days ago

    Oliveira vs Poirier for Lightweight title. Poirier wins the title. Conor recovers from ankle surgery and Title fight rematch in July 2022 Poirier vs Mcgregor

    • Arystan Naizabekov

      Arystan Naizabekov

      15 days ago

      mark my words

  100. Rendra Prakoso

    Rendra Prakoso

    15 days ago

    Let's go Dustin 👍👍👍👍