Dustin Poirier does the Billy strut after McGregor injury 😤


  1. DeadManQ8


    16 hours ago


  2. Phillip Hampton

    Phillip Hampton

    2 days ago

    Lets be real though. Probably the most gangster KO celebration in history would be next time someone sleeps Conor, they do a full billy strut circle of the cage like Conor does during his entrances. Past his sleeping body.

  3. Manjunath Shindhe

    Manjunath Shindhe

    3 days ago

    Fook him😠😠

  4. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro

    9 days ago

    Conor threw the sh1t, then ended up eating it

  5. Lloyd Senior

    Lloyd Senior

    11 days ago

    Should put him in with amanda nunes

  6. Esoteric Bike Club

    Esoteric Bike Club

    11 days ago

    Yeah while Conor was still threatening to kill him.

  7. General Siad BarreThe2nd

    General Siad BarreThe2nd

    11 days ago

    So funny lol

  8. mullaway


    11 days ago

    That's not a win

  9. Rufaidh pa

    Rufaidh pa

    11 days ago


  10. CombatMMA


    12 days ago

    I've got the whole fight up

  11. David Romero

    David Romero

    12 days ago


  12. Jordan Marshall

    Jordan Marshall

    12 days ago

    Dustin for the win XD

  13. James Robinson

    James Robinson

    12 days ago

    10-8 10-8 10-9

  14. Agastya Shethia

    Agastya Shethia

    12 days ago

    People trashing on Dustin for this, but people need to know that conor made guns signs which is why dustin did the walk

  15. Siddhant Chandak

    Siddhant Chandak

    12 days ago

    That Joe smirk tho

  16. A B

    A B

    12 days ago

    after Mcgregor loss*

  17. Manuel Fernando

    Manuel Fernando

    12 days ago

    Should have rubbed in a lil bit more 😂

  18. Բιяєflу


    12 days ago

    never noticed how attractive he was xD

  19. Pauminlien Buhril

    Pauminlien Buhril

    12 days ago

    Dustin 👑

  20. BrowN NibbA

    BrowN NibbA

    12 days ago

    Isn't that Vince McMahon walk?

  21. Satria Budi

    Satria Budi

    12 days ago

    Hahahaha conor LOSER

  22. D Bo

    D Bo

    13 days ago

    Haha fair play. But claiming victory from a snapped leg…. Meh.

  23. Brandon Boyze

    Brandon Boyze

    13 days ago

    3 months from now Conor will go to rehab from the painkillers they put him on.

  24. Mr Miyagi

    Mr Miyagi

    13 days ago

    I thought they meant the hillbilly strut 🤣

  25. Ray2311us


    13 days ago

    Humble man

  26. keepleft


    13 days ago

    Y'all know that isnt the real Conor and just a fake body double right? The real Conor is retired. C'mon people. Get smart.

  27. AceofSpades 1727

    AceofSpades 1727

    13 days ago

    As a Conor fan, I think its funny af that Dustin did this

  28. Walter Kai Yuen Pang

    Walter Kai Yuen Pang

    13 days ago

    ' Wonky Leg McGregor ' !!! Pride of Ireland .... 😂😂😂💎💎💎

  29. louis cunniffe

    louis cunniffe

    13 days ago


  30. David Haines

    David Haines

    13 days ago

    McRatty is a typical legless Irishman.

  31. Chris Keith

    Chris Keith

    13 days ago

    The strut is called the Tupac strut ......made famous by Tupac walking out of court. Conor is nothing but a lifetime fraud.

    • Chris Keith

      Chris Keith

      Day ago

      @TR No....it was originally the Tupac strut, and since hijackedad and renamed. It's been copied before ( i.e Vince McMahon). Just because I steal someone's thing and rename it doesn't mean the original looses the founding credit. I'm just here to educate the ignorant...

    • TR


      Day ago

      it’s literally called the billy strut

  32. padvi


    13 days ago

    taste your own medicine..!!

  33. Def Conspiracy

    Def Conspiracy

    13 days ago

    Once again taking a while to post the fight highlights of the main fight, when Mcgregor loses. How quickly would they post the full 1st round if Poirier had lost in 5 minutes. Look how quickly they posted Usman/Masvidal 2 highlights.

  34. Sunny Kay

    Sunny Kay

    14 days ago

    Savage 😂😂

  35. huhhuhhuh


    14 days ago

    That’s what set McGregor off and made him say he was gonna kill dustin and his wife in his sleep. Dude absolutely lost it and couldn’t accept his own defeat. Nothing better than seeing a bully get his due lol.

  36. Charles Edward

    Charles Edward

    14 days ago

    Hillbilly Strut

  37. ZoSo 2002

    ZoSo 2002

    14 days ago

    Herb grabbed him like "enough man, he's already dead" lol

  38. Navid Ahmed

    Navid Ahmed

    14 days ago

    Ok, now he got cocky, which means Olivera is keeping the belt.

  39. Dennis Piotrowski

    Dennis Piotrowski

    14 days ago

    It was Khabib's small sister - Karma Nurmagomedov

  40. Karlo Carl

    Karlo Carl

    14 days ago

    Hows there not one single different angle of this??

  41. TimidsFlicks


    14 days ago

    Absolutely glorious!!!

  42. Young Rickey

    Young Rickey

    14 days ago

    10-8 on the 2 of 3 judges scorecards 😂

  43. M


    14 days ago

    whats the billy strut? its vince mcmahons million dollar walk

  44. ciber prados norte

    ciber prados norte

    14 days ago


  45. Shut up

    Shut up

    14 days ago

    McGregor bandwagon fans really don't see the double standard when they call this unnecessary. Connor has gone around trashtalking people's wives, religions, hometowns, nations etc.

  46. Inspectah deck

    Inspectah deck

    14 days ago

    Don't think conor realises how badly he damaged his stock, still talking about Dustins wife... History will say khabib destroyed his career

  47. saty yad

    saty yad

    14 days ago

    Thats wat u get for kicking for promotion. Keep comenting on wheel chair. Enjoy the money u earned champ

  48. Ninja Dildo Show

    Ninja Dildo Show

    14 days ago

    Dustin wants to be Conor so badly that he hacked his wife's IG to slide in Conor's DMs. Notice how he mimicked and echoed Conor during and after every interaction.

  49. Michelle Hostutler

    Michelle Hostutler

    14 days ago

    I loved this comment from a different video!! Conner said he wasn’t giving anymore freebies away “so he took Dustin’s stretcher away” 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Nuno Carvalho

    Nuno Carvalho

    14 days ago

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16

    • Nuno Carvalho

      Nuno Carvalho

      12 days ago

      @Frankie Ortiz Amen!!

    • Frankie Ortiz

      Frankie Ortiz

      12 days ago

      God will one day humble McGregor, remind him that money doesn't make him all powerful

  51. Michael Sandella

    Michael Sandella

    14 days ago

    Mcgregor fans shouldn’t even watch the pay per views mcgregor is officially a joke now

  52. Stipe Radda Radda Radda Miocic

    Stipe Radda Radda Radda Miocic

    14 days ago

    I stg poirier looks bigger everytime he steps in the octagon

  53. _ Mukhesh

    _ Mukhesh

    14 days ago

    Hah! Conor deserves it

  54. aries


    14 days ago

    jake paul vs conor, LOL

  55. targaryen tickler

    targaryen tickler

    14 days ago

    Actions speak louder than words. Conor is spitting words to promote the fight. He wouldn't be happy about dustin or any opponent going out like that.

  56. targaryen tickler

    targaryen tickler

    14 days ago

    I would caution against celebrating a fighters defeat by injury. I cannot recall conor celebrating one of his opponents going out on a stretcher.

  57. targaryen tickler

    targaryen tickler

    14 days ago

    The same people saying conor crosses all the time are now crossing lines. Got milk? (go's both ways uwuwuwuwuwuw)

  58. targaryen tickler

    targaryen tickler

    14 days ago

    Alway's celebrate your victory, not your enemies defeat. - conor casual

  59. aries


    14 days ago

    The Conor cult is mad

  60. Ariel Rabinovitch

    Ariel Rabinovitch

    14 days ago

    Coner get to rematch everyone.. let's see Aldo get a rematch!!!

  61. Gennaro


    14 days ago

    Dustin with the fake W 🤣😂

  62. Damien markus

    Damien markus

    14 days ago

    Conor made the mistake of of ending up on the ground, but by the second it could have been different. In no way was Dustin going to knock him out. Should have been a no contest, they will do it again with ratboy peahead.

  63. Mason McQuaig

    Mason McQuaig

    14 days ago

    Petition to now change the name to “The Dustin Poirier Millionaire Strut” Since he made a milli for this fight

  64. Jax The Disintegrator

    Jax The Disintegrator

    14 days ago

    GOOD 👍

  65. Ali


    14 days ago

    haha brilliant. conor and his fans are such losers hahaha

  66. howmonster


    14 days ago

    Dustin such a nice guy. If that were me or most people, I'd be mocking McGregor as much as he mocks everyone else. Knocked him out earlier this year and broke his leg in half this time. Should've taken his soul while he was at it.

  67. Jacky Mak

    Jacky Mak

    14 days ago

    Conner was a legend material, not so much after he returned from the boxing defeat.



    14 days ago

    I always support conor.

  69. Jason Stillwell

    Jason Stillwell

    14 days ago

    Hilarious 😂

  70. Kevin Huynh

    Kevin Huynh

    14 days ago

    I see stiffness in the shoulders

  71. Freek Vonk

    Freek Vonk

    14 days ago

    Upcoming fight: Jake Paul vs Conor Mcgregor for the name 'Conor Mcgregor'

  72. Venny Nongrum

    Venny Nongrum

    14 days ago

    Poirier go to hell😡

  73. Hard Life

    Hard Life

    14 days ago

    Dana white in the back looking like I love my life 😂

  74. Arman Khan

    Arman Khan

    14 days ago

    the leg broke coz he was hitting on the knee not on calf .

  75. siddhartha bhattacharya

    siddhartha bhattacharya

    14 days ago

    cheap blow...tells a lot about how good dustin is.....if conor is evil dustin aint far either...

  76. DaLeadBull


    14 days ago

    This was hilarious.

  77. Romano Dom

    Romano Dom

    14 days ago

    Conor's beginning of the end started the day the old man ate his left and kept on drinking 🍺.

  78. Shinigami Eyes

    Shinigami Eyes

    14 days ago

    😂 Conor couldn’t do that even if he wanted too.

  79. Hongpe Konyak

    Hongpe Konyak

    14 days ago

    Conor deserve it 👍 dustin shine more and more 💪💪💪💎✨❤️

  80. Sebastian Zineder

    Sebastian Zineder

    14 days ago

    can someone explain, why they were hating each other like that again. Porier vs Mc Gregor 2 felt like they were the biggest friends. And suddenly this? I know MC Gregor said he would kill him, but cmon, that is what nearly every fighter says... Please someone explain. thx

  81. zambot3


    14 days ago


  82. evil prevails when good men do NOTHING.

    evil prevails when good men do NOTHING.

    14 days ago

    Mcstretcher the bickering toddlerboy3000. Call for doctor wankage but claims others should leave on stretcher

  83. DeadPooL OfficiAL

    DeadPooL OfficiAL

    14 days ago

    Dustin poirer 💎💎💎 Best🤟

  84. MayDay GoingDown!!

    MayDay GoingDown!!

    14 days ago

    Lmfao...that's 3 straight losses on the bounce. Meanwhile Conor Fangirls.."The King is back".. Yeah..Back in Hospital.🤣😅😅

  85. L. Miggs

    L. Miggs

    14 days ago

    Dustin will NEVER earn the right to do the billi strut with his numbers. Conor played the whole game and won end of story.

  86. mehmet-o


    14 days ago

    So satisfying 😂

  87. D Star1999

    D Star1999

    14 days ago

    Joe Rogan Loved that

  88. Jake PK Rio

    Jake PK Rio

    14 days ago

    He shuda went on walking like dat around da fooker

  89. Entigar Sudin

    Entigar Sudin

    14 days ago

    Ahahahahahahahahhahahaha... Congrats Dustin... Humble fighter.... Same like khabib



    14 days ago

    my boy will get back for Dustin and repay back for what he have done. let's pray for his fast recovery

  91. S Yousefi

    S Yousefi

    14 days ago

    Dustin be like : Dee delvin just hit me on DM last night I left hickies on her neck...😂😂

  92. David Budzynski

    David Budzynski

    14 days ago

    "By Asura, by Asura, by Asura, it's the Grand Champion standing here next to me". Conor McGregors adoring fans.

  93. Foolanhi


    14 days ago

    This was not it champ…

  94. Fabio Andre Nongdhar

    Fabio Andre Nongdhar

    14 days ago

    Well, he deserves to do that. Cus Connor was the one who procastinated , dustin would end up in a stretcher; also, Connor threatened him with murder stuff; I mean come on man , they both got families. Chill out Connor!

  95. Khairi Yusoff

    Khairi Yusoff

    14 days ago

    I would love seeing him do that a little longer.

  96. zadjaliz


    14 days ago

    Conor was screaming at him that's why he did that move. Mad rats Conor fans being soft and emotional.

  97. Khairi Yusoff

    Khairi Yusoff

    14 days ago

    Conor Mc Chicken fanboys cannot accept this.

  98. Ryden Mikediaz

    Ryden Mikediaz

    14 days ago

    Looking like the hillbilly from wrong turn 😂😂

  99. Jay Bingham

    Jay Bingham

    14 days ago

    Why do they let this guy fight? He's won one fight in 5 years.

  100. Brian


    14 days ago

    This must of been like some nightmare from hell for conor, laying there injured and helpless hearing buffer yelling out dustins name and dustin doing the billy strut… 😬 all while his career goes up in flames